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ecto_gammat Graphics

where Classic comes to die

Belvedere Jehosephat
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Welcome to ecto_gammat's Graphic Hub
Here you'll find all the pretty icons that I've made. There's some forray into other things (like colorbars or fanmixes), but it's mostly icons. There are also a plethera of sreencaps. If the upload links don't work, PM me or comment on the entry, and I'll upload them again.
The Pretty Pleases
Seriously. Comments are loved like crack. Credit makes me fall into joygasm comas, but is not necessary.. just don't claim them as your own or I'll have to hunt you down choke a bitch I'd love you forever if you friended the community XD
Yeah. The tags are updated far more frequently than this list... Best check them :) These are some of the main fandoms I'm involved in:
-Dead Right
-Hot Fuzz
-Rocky Horror
-Sailor Moon
-Shaun of the Dead
-Star Trek
-The Venture Brothers
-Weird Science
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